Cutting dies

Our production methods ensure light and versatile dies, excellent wear-resistant and hard. The aluminum base is reusable, while the steel crown can be sharpened up to 15-20 times.
Thanks to our longtime experience in the packaging industry, food and beverage in particular, we have a thorough knowledge of labels required by printing companies.

Mabar cutting dies shape IML, paper wet glue labels and metal labels, cards, brochures, boxes, tags, notepads, books and catalogues. Mabar gives also the possibility to choose among different types of steel to match the production and any kind of project, respecting the set budget.
Our cutting dies are perfect for cutting machine brands such as Blumer, Busch, Polar, PMC, Lombardi, Rollem, Caliari and many others.

Type-b steel (basic)

Cutting die with aluminum base and replaceable steel crown. Ideal ... Another one

Type-h steel (hard)

Cutting die with aluminum base and replaceable steel crown. H-steel ... Another one

Type-w steel (widia)

An alloy of special composition that ensures the maximum possible ... Another one

Full steel dies

Die entirely manufactured from a solid steel block for cutting ... Another one

Complex cutting dies

Non-standard dies are suitable for die-cutting complex shapes, both made ... Another one

Test piece cutters

Dies suitable for the preparation of test samples of various ... Another one


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