Die manufacturer in Verona

Many years of experience in the production of dies and services related to die cutting.

Fustellificio Rossi

A collaboration of many years in the creation of services for quality dies.

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Production and sale of cutting dies in Verona since 1980

Production and sale of cutting dies in Verona since 1980

Mabar is specialized in the production and distribution of cutting dies. With over thirty years of experience, Mabar can fulfill all kinds of requests related to die cutting.


Wet-glue labels

Cutting dies for wet-glue labels are primarily used in ... Another one

Playing Cards

Cutting dies for playing cards are used in the ... Another one

Books and Catalogues

Cutting dies for books and catalogs are used in ... Another one


Cutting dies for blister packaging are commonly used in the ... Another one

Boxed Letters for neon signs

Cutting dies for letters are specifically designed for the neon ... Another one


Our cutting dies for boxes are custom-designed to offer ... Another one


Cutting dies for brochures are used in the printing ... Another one

Counter Displays

Cutting dies for counter displays are used in the ... Another one

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To guarantee maximum efficiency, we sharpen and upkeep our cutting ... altro



We are willing to offer non-binding quotations as well as ... altro


Services for flatbed dies

- Design of packaging, cases, displays, folders and boxes of ... altro

Fustellificio Rossi


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